Certifications according to the Electronic Equipment Act



As laid down in § 21 “Certification” of the German Electrical Equipment Act, every primary treatment facility has to be certified.




For manufacturers responsible for meeting the requirements for treatment of WEEE, the certification provides an important basis on which decisions about necessary contractual agreements with the commissioned disposal companies can be made. The certificate may only be issued if the plant is technically suitable and all the primary data needed to calculate and substantiate recovery rates are documented in a verifiable manner.


Auditing if the recovery rates are achieved (§ 22 German Electrical Equipment Act) is not stipulated by law within the certification. A certification will thus be issued regardless of the achievement or non-achievement of the recovery rates. Since the manufacturer has to achieve fixed quotas, this is usually achieved through the contractual agreements with disposal companies.




A certification of subsequent treatment companies (plants that apply further action after the primary treatment) is not strictly required in the German Electrical Equipment Act but optional. If the primary plant does not perform every process step required by Appendix 4 of the German Electrical Equipment Act, the subsequent treatment plant has to guarantee the missing process steps will be executed there.


Whether these requirements are met has to be indicated in the certificate. This also applies to the quality of verification management. Certifying subsequent treatment plants can therefore provide a crucial basis for primary treatment plants to ensure they only supply compliant plants.


Our publicly appointed and sworn experts for WEEE disposal certify your plants according to the German Electrical Equipment Act.



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