Plant certifications according to the German Packaging Law (VerpackG)

The German Packaging Law's objective is to achieve high quality recycling. To ensure compliance with the requirements of the German Packaging Law, the Verification Guidelines for Massflows of Dual Systems and for Branch Solutions of the Central Agency Packaging Register stipulate that anyone who processes plastic packaging, liquid boxes and fiber-based composite packaging from dual systems or industry solutions has to proof plant suitability through a certificate. The same applies to mechanical processors of aluminum packaging. The certificate is to be carried out by a registered expert. The term of a certificate is a maximum of 24 months.


We certify plants according to the German Packaging Law.


Taking into account all legal requirements, we have developed a standardised, high-level test scheme, which is recognised by all obliged persons and authorities.


The results are then presented in a report and the report is sent to the client in a timely manner. Audit procedures are of course handled with utmost confidentiality.




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Thomas Döpelheuer
Phone +49 541 77080-14


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