Commercial Waste Management Concepts and Analyses


A wide variety of waste is generated through commercial activity – e.g. paper and residual waste, green cut and dangerous waste. Since 2012 the German Circular Economy Law with its extensive regulations forms the legal basis for industrial waste management. Waste producers and owners must take into account various regulations like e.g. the German Waste Catalogue, the Verification Directive and the Commercial Waste Ordinance.


Amendment of the Commercial Waste Ordinance


We analyse the impact of the amendment of the Commercial Waste Ordinance and advise you in questions concerning waste management. Together we develop specific solutions and measures:


  • Measures for the separate collection and recycling of commercial waste
  • Potential and optimisation analyses with consideration for financial and environmental aspects
  • Waste management concepts


We support you in screening your commercial waste management in terms of cost optimisation potential and while adhering to all legal requirements. We analyse your operational processes, waste disposal costs, container sizes and locations etc. On this basis we recommend measures in order to achieve the most savings and to realize a functional and sustainable waste management system. Key elements in the process is the involvement of employees, consideration for logistical capacities, contract design as well as contract negotiations with waste management companies.



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