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Recyclability audits and certification for packaging and goods


In May 2014, cyclos founded the Institute cyclos-HTP Institut cyclos-HTP together with our long-standing partner Ingenieursgesellschaft HTP GmbH & Co. KG. The Institute was created to offer the classification, analysis and assessment of the recyclability of packaging and goods as well as for research and development in this area. The Institute is situated in Aachen, Germany



The Institute cyclos-HTP has developed a scientific technique to evaluate the recyclability of packaging and goods and a criteria catalogue for designing recyclable products. The certification technique provides a gradual indication figure (recyclability in %) as an individual attribute that might for example be used for sustainable procurement decisions as well as for prospective optimisations of existing products.



By examining and assessing the recyclability of packaging and goods, manufacturers are, for the first time, given a solid scientific basis (Requirements and Evaluation Catalogue), in order to take relevant environmental criteria for resource efficiency into account during the conception of products.



On the basis of packaging composition and complementary practical tests regarding the separating behaviour (e.g. identifiability through near-infrared spectroscopy, electrical conductivity, ferromagnetism, material density), the scientific method will determine how an individual packaging or product is directed along the sorting and recycling processes. Furthermore, we will assess what share of the packaging or product will be converted into recyclate at the end of the recycling process and therefore will replace the use of virgin material.



By considering the behaviour of their products in the disposal processes and by designing their products to achieve the highest possible value added, manufacturers can utilise recyclability as an instrument of product responsibility.



We will gladly answer any enquiries you may have about recyclability, product responsibility, packaging optimisation about our scientific method and audit scheme for recyclability.



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