Recycling Bin - Conception


„We will accompany you from the first idea through the planning stage and through the implementation phase.“


When planning to introduce a recycling bin, a number of questions need to be addressed first before choosing the best option for the implementation:


  • Prospectively, should the recyclables be collected together with light-weight packaging or separately? Which model is best suited?
  • What quantities are to be expected?
  • What kind of revenues or costs can be expected?
  • How will the sorted fractions be recycled?
  • What kind of regulation can be expected?


Every municipality and EPR system who is seriously considering introducing a recycling bin is going to be confronted with these questions. We address the following issues for both public waste management authorities and for EPR systems:


  • Supervision of the selection process of an organisational model
  • Methods for quantity determination
    – regional analysis (local characteristics, collection routes)
    – data evaluation (especially collection data)
    – quantity analyses (sorting analyses for input composition)
  • Coordination of application of analysis results
  • Calculation of financial base and underlying data
  • Coordination and clarification of financial responsibilities
  • Development of fundamentals and coordination among stakeholders regarding quantity allocation, and quantity bookings from public waste management authorities and EPR systems
  • Forecasting of costs and revenues; development of accounting basis



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