Sorting and Quality Analyses


In order to plan future waste management measures or to measure the success of existing measures, it is crucial to know the composition of waste streams.


We carry out sorting analyses for the following waste fractions:


  • Lightweight packaging / non-packaging of similar material
  • Paper, cardboard, cartons (PPK)
  • Glass
  • Residual waste
  • Organic waste
  • Bulky waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • Used batteries
  • Used textiles


Specifically, we will identify resource potential in residual waste and will also determine the consequences of introducing recycling bins and of extending the separate organic waste collection. Here we will look at effects on quantity structures as well as consequences for the material and energetic composition of future waste streams.


Sorting analyses are especially relevant in determining the proportion of packaging in PPK and of lightweight packaging in the combined recycling bin because they are the basis for payment and remuneration agreements between municipal and private enterprises.


In addition to conceptual and strategic consulting, we also support you in the following areas:


  • Methods for quantity determination
    • - regional analysis (local characteristics, collection routes)
    • - data evaluation
    • - quantity analyses (sorting analyses for input composition)
  • Analysis of domestic waste and separately collected recyclable quantities through sorting of a representative sample of the relevant material groups
  • Impact of waste management measures on
    • - composition and quality of waste streams
    • - recycling possibilities (e.g. determining moisture content and   calorific value)
    • - types of recycling
    • - plant utilisation
  • Interpretation and evaluation of analysis results as well as forecasts for costs, revenues as well as climate impact (CO2)



Please contact:


Dr Martina Kerkhoff
Phone +49 541 77080-16




Dr Stephan Löhle

Phone +49 541 77080-45


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