Mass Flow Verifications

Mass flow verification by cyclos’ publicly appointed and sworn experts

We provide a legal basis for your audit.

  • Mass flow verifications based on the German Packaging Act, the German Battery Act or the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act
  • Legally required audits for dual systems or operators of an industry solution. You will receive detailed auditing reports from us that fulfil the legal requirements and indicate any weak points.
  • Are you planning to set up an industry solution? We carry out the necessary audits and if the requirements are met, issue the corresponding expert certificate for submission to the Central Packaging Register.


Mass flow verification per the German Packaging Act


The mass flow verification transparently maps all mass movements from collection to recycling.


Under Section 17 of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG), the systems must provide an annual mass flow verification of the packaging collected, sorted and recycled by them. The mass flow verification must be inspected and certified by registered experts.


All experts for packaging disposal working at cyclos GmbH are registered with the Central Packaging Register per the German Packaging Act (VerpackG).


In addition to the expert verification, we also prepare a detailed audit report for you. This audit report will include all the inspection results transparently and comprehensibly for you.