Used Textiles

A change in handling textiles and used textiles is urgently needed

cyclos is advocating the sustainable use of used textiles and extended producer responsibility for textiles

Since 2014, cyclos has been addressing the sustainable handling of old textiles.

  • cyclos is developing "possible models of extended producer responsibility for textiles" on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency.
  • cyclos has a large network in this area and is in constant exchange with companies and associations that are committed to the sustainable use of textiles and used textiles.
  • cyclos is responsible for the organisational and technical management of the Gemeinschaft für textile Zukunft (GftZ) (since 2016).
  • cyclos has been responsible for the organisation, moderation and technical support of various conferences:
    1. "Used textiles - actors in dialogue" (11/2021),
    2. "Textile Future - Information, Background, Strategies" (05/2021 – online),
    3. "Textile recycling - a compelling challenge" (2019),
    4. "Requirements for high-quality textile recycling" (2018)
    5. "Used Textiles - Future Raw Materials" (2017).
  • cyclos has chaired the DIN sub-working group "Collection and sorting of used textiles" in the DIN e. V. standardisation roadmap project (2022).