Due to long-standing cooperation, we can provide added value for our customers through close collaboration with partner companies. Thus, cyclos extends its expertise even beyond waste management.
We collaborate with various companies to complement and expand our expertise.

If you are also interested in a new cooperation or working with us, feel free to contact us.


Institut cyclos-HTP GmbH - the institute for recyclability and product responsibility undertakes classifications, audits and certifications of the recyclability of packaging and goods as well as research and development in this field. cyclos-HTP also developed a catalogue of requirements and evaluation criteria for auditing and certifying the recyclability of packaging and goods. By using this catalogue, well-known brands and packaging manufacturers have possibility to get their products reasonably and scientifically certified as recyclable.


Since the early 1990s, the Ingenieurgesellschaft HTP GmbH & Co. KG (HTP) has been an independent planning and consulting company in the recycling and renewables industry. Its independence, flexibility and high dedication combined with experience and competence, have made HTP one of the leading engineering service providers in the fields of process and plant design of waste disposal and recycling (with more than 100 references).


cyclos future has been working with companies and organisations on sustainable business and CSR since 2011. The focus is on the "strategic integration of ESG aspects into the core business" and "dialogue and credible communication with key stakeholders". From the initial analysis to process moderation and reporting (according to GRI, DNK), cyclos future sees itself as a sparring partner and companion on the path to sustainability.