Recyclate label of cyclos GmbH

Certification for the use of the recyclate label of cyclos GmbH

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At the EU level, end-of-life plastics' reuse and recycling rates are still meagre. The 'EU Plastics Strategy' calls for concrete policy measures to strengthen the circular plastics economy.


At the national level, the Packaging Act, which will come into force on 1 January 2019, obliges systems to structure participation fees ecologically under § 21 (1). Among other things, there should be incentives in packaging production subject to system participation to promote the use of recyclates and renewable raw materials.


The procurement procedure:

The recyclate label is awarded for the use of certified recycled plastics (according to EuCertPlast) or from manufacturers' take-back systems (after on-site inspection) in the product applied for (finished product/packaging).

The declaration of the recyclate content is already possible using at least 5 % recycled plastic (post-consumer recyclate).

We determine the product's composition according to your product descriptions, material lists and stored recipes, and a plausibility check of the total quantity balance.

After a positive audit result, we issue a certificate for the use of the label. The certificate's validity and the label's associated use are one year and can be extended by annual repeat audits.