Blue Angel eco label

Audits within the framework of the "Blue Angel" eco-label

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Eco-labels such as the Blue Angel are based on concrete requirements that the products to be labelled must fulfil.


Requirements for products made of plastics for the "Blue Angel"

For products made of recycled plastics, according to the award criteria RAL UZ-30a, the recycled plastic content (post-consumer) in the finished products must be at least 80 %.

Since May 2012, applicants need to prove the origin and composition of plastic recyclates used for Blue Angel applications through a certificate according to the EuCertPlast certification scheme.

We carry out the annual on-site inspection for you. Additionally, as an independent expert body under Para. 4.5 of the Award Criteria, prepare your confirmation following Annex 3 to the contract per RAL UZ-30a.