Consultancy on Extended Producer Responsibility

Individual consultancy with extensive international expertise in the implementation of EPR systems

We have knowledge of packaging recycling systems and product responsibility systems in a wide range of countries and extensive experience in introducing and supporting projects in the field of EPR.

Within the framework of an EPR system (Extended Producer Responsibility), the producer should remain responsible for any packaging or the product they introduce to the market even after the use phase.


This concerns the strategic and scientific monitoring of existing systems in Germany and the Netherlands.

We draw on our technical expertise, understanding of the legal provisions and extensive experience to carry out waste-specific studies on various waste management issues, but in particular also the implementation of EPR systems on a supra-regional basis, which are developed together with institutions, associations and the private sector. cyclos has been active with regional focus in Asia (e.g. Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam), Africa (e.g. Kenya, Ghana, and with a special focus on the Mena region (Jordan, Tunisia).

cyclos has worked on behalf of the World Bank, UNIDO, GIZ and NGOs such as WWF.


Our Services


  • Workshops and strategic advice for decision-makers wishing to introduce EPR systems in their countries.
  • Support and organisation in the content-related discourse
  • Advice and development of regionally specific legal foundations and framework conditions
  • Strategies for organisation (registration) and financing
  • Concepts for operationalisation in collection, sorting and recycling
  • Establishment of system operators (Producer Responsibility Organisations)
  • Development of joint strategic positioning together with municipal administrations, companies, ministries and specialised authorities
  • Waste-specific studies on various waste management issues based on our technical expertise, understanding of the legal provisions, and extensive experience.